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My experience with adaptogenic mushrooms

This isn’t what it sounds like, I promise.

While it sounds like a hippie drug, it’s actually a superfood in powder form. You’ve probably heard of the trendy mushroom coffee that’s come out recently if you love natural supplements and coffee. I chose to buy the mushroom powder and just put it in the coffee I already drink.

Early this year I had a random Amazon gift card so I bought Maju’s mental mushrooms. This blend includes Reishi, Cordyceps, Chaga and Lion’s Mane. There are others, but I particularly wanted a blend with Reishi and Chaga since I heard good things about them.

I brewed my espresso and mixed some in with the scoop included in the bag. First off, the taste. I already drink bitter espresso so this bitter earthy taste of the mushrooms actually went very well with it. I added sweetener and frothed half and half.

I was not on keto when I tried this supplement but I was breastfeeding. So here are the things I experienced just trying this ONE time.

1. Brain fog was lifted instantly. I was always eating sugar and carbs and was in a chronic state of mental tiredness and had poor memory. I was actually super disturbed by how mentally alert I became because I had never felt such a mental vigor before in my life. Now, being keto several months I’ve had time to adapt to this and love my newfound mental and physical energy. But to be in a sleep deprived stupor because of poor diet and a new baby for several months and then go from 0 to 10 in mental clarity in a matter of an hour was scary for me. How sad is it that we become accustomed to a mediocre way of living and a better way is scary to us?

2. My breast milk supply lowered instantly. As you know, I suffer from chronic low supply due to anatomy and some hormonal issues, insulin resistance and possibly due to a brain tumor. I exclusively pumped and always kept an eye on different variables, what supplements I took and if I ever changed anything about my routines, water and electrolyte intake and the performance of my breast pump and accessories. I noted that the mushrooms were the only new variable. My pump output went down by 2 ounces. I could only pump 2.5 to 3 ounces to begin with, at most. Because the mushrooms are adaptogens, they can seriously affect your hormones. It’s usually for the better, but to see the good effects you sometimes have to stick with it. I wasn’t willing to take the risk at the time, so I stopped taking the mushrooms. I tried again a few weeks later and the same thing happened.

Now that I’m not breastfeeding anymore, I probably would try mushrooms in my coffee again, but I may have to do some more research on which ones are best for me and only use those. Disclaimer: don’t go all willy nilly just trying anything if you have hormonal issues. Do the research before you try!
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