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Best supplements for keto and insulin resistance

Between January and May of this year, my A1C was an unchanging 5.3%. It fell “within range” for a standard American diet, but other sources told me that for a breastfeeding mother, 3% or below was optimal for milk production. Though I haven’t gotten tested again since my blood was drawn, I feel a difference eating a ketogenic diet. Funny enough, the supplements that help with blood sugar for keto are the same ones that can drastically help with milk supply if you struggle with insulin resistance.

IR typically happens on a low quality, high carb, high sugar diet, and trying to fix it can be hard – especially if you’re actively reducing your carb and sugar intake. The good news is that taking some of these supplements can help you get ahold of your cravings while they pass and you possibly endure the keto flu. Disclaimer: these are Amazon associate links, which means I’ll make a small commission if you buy from these links.


Black seed oil is an amazing antioxidant, full of good fat. Helps balance blood sugar and helps with a faster “refill rate” for nursing moms. The taste leaves much to be desired, so you can buy this in capsule form. However, I have also taken just straight liquid. I’m used to bad-tasting supplements so it doesn’t phase me. This is also great for your immune system.

I briefly used inositol while breastfeeding. While inositol is mostly known for liver health and for help with anxiety, this also works well to balance blood sugar. Many people use this in place of prescription Metformin.

If you’re friends with any Plexus reps, I’m sure you’ve already heard about how the pink drink helps blood sugar, gut health, diabetes and the like. You’ve probably heard it has helped nursing moms produce more milk too. I might get crap for this, but the reason this happens and blood sugar gets balanced is primarily because of the active ingredient, chromium. Yes, for $13.99 on Amazon you can get melting chromium tablets! Instead of spending $100+ on nearly the same thing per month. When used in combination with these other supplements and a low carb, low sugar diet, you will likely have the same results. How do I know? I did it!

This tea blew me away. I found it at the Korean market near my house. I started drinking it when I first began keto, and it helped with sugar cravings so much. It tastes so incredibly bad, so if you need to mix it with another tea or some monk fruit sweetener to get it down, by all means, do what you have to do. I am used to drinking it straight because again, I take gross supplements straight all the time to maximize effectiveness.

I used to take Nuun tabs to replenish electrolytes on keto, but then I found this. More bang for the buck. Tastes similar but you get more for your money. It isn’t necessarily for blood sugar, but you WILL need electrolytes on keto. Here is an informative video on why you need electrolytes!

Hope this is helpful. I have used all of these at some point and currently only drink the tea on occasion and use the electrolyte powder every day.

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