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Experiencing the benefits of Hempworx CBD oil

There were many reasons why I decided to try CBD oil, and my purchase was in a moment of desperation. But I couldn’t be more thankful and glad I did it.

I was already considering it for my son, who had severe eczema pretty much since he was born, and almost NOTHING helped or brought relief. (It is almost gone, and he is doing well, so suggestions for what I should try next are not necessary, thank you.) But the thing I kept seeing it used for the most, over and over, was pain. I already had been getting chiropractic work done to help deal with the neck pain that triggered the 8 day migraine that sent me to the hospital for 3 days. But it seemed that the relief was slow. I felt like I could barely hold my head up. I was already eating keto and trying to be strict and also occasionally using aloe vera juice, ginger, and turmeric for inflammation. I was having a particularly hard day with neck pain, so I bought this oil through a Chicagoland mom who was always posting about the benefits she has experienced. She always posted very educational information too and my beliefs about health and wellness are very much in line with hers, so I thought, why not? I almost tried another brand.. mostly because I am NOT a huge fan of MLM products, though I do use a few that I love. This lady convinced me that this brand was pure, uncontaminated, and very strong. Even by the color and clarity of the oil. After reading many testimonials, I was excited to try it.

I found that I began to get relief within a week of using the oil. I often turned to using this instead of painkillers and only take those when a very severe headache comes on. But I need painkillers less and less! Something else I discovered is that it helps me get to sleep so fast. My son wakes up often at night to eat, and I never force him to cry it out when hungry because he has always been on the very skinny side and has been noticeably smaller than babies his age or younger. He has no health problems, but I don’t want to deny him food if he is hungry. ANYWAYS, despite being very tired very often because of him waking up, I found it increasingly harder to fall asleep because of my keto diet. Not consuming large amounts of carbs gives a lot of strict keto dieters insomnia, probably because eating high quality foods and fats are amazing energy sources and brain fuel. I found that the healthier I ate, the harder it was to sleep. Having too many sleepless nights before I had to wake up for work really messed me up so I began to take the oil before bed. It helped me so much.

CBD oil is derived from a different species of plant than marijuana, and is legal in all 50 states – it has less than 0.3% THC in the full spectrum oil so it will NOT make you high or alter your mood or thoughts. Hempworx does sell a THC-free oil though if you are very worried, or have drug testing at your job that could potentially pick up such a minimal amount. They are both effective.

I truly think that taking the oil consistently has helped bring inflammation down in my body. It’s an anti cancer, anti inflammatory, good for your gut oil. I do NOT sell the oil, but if 3 people purchase from my referral link I do get a free bottle. This post is not sponsored and I am not paid for it. But I really felt I needed to share something that has benefited me. If you’re interested, order here:

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