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The wake up call, part 3: journey to health and wellness

In mid April, I purchased a ring sling and wore Gabe in it while I took Zoe in the stroller out for a walk. I was VERY out of shape and felt the strain on my neck and back. I came down with a pounding headache halfway through the walk. I came home and napped while the kids napped.

The next day, the headache was still there. And it remained there until it got worse. and worse. and worse. FOR EIGHT DAYS. For 8 days I could not function. I was barely surviving just lying down. I went to the Swedish Covenant emergency room after 6 days of the headache and they sent me home with pain meds after a CT scan that showed nothing. By Saturday morning I was shaking from the squeezing pain. I cried and worshipped God asking him not to let this be something deadly. My bestie, bible study leader, and my kids’ godmother Jeri took me to the Advocate Lutheran General emergency room. They were quick to help me. After I expressed that my face was going numb and I was terrified, the nurse looked extremely nervous as she picked up the pace to give me painkillers. I was admitted, yes, admitted to the hospital with an MRI scheduled and put on anti seizure medication as a precaution. I was terrified.

It took them almost 2 more days to get me into that MRI. Some friends came to visit me, my husband stayed with me. He eventually had to leave. I was all alone while I worshipped God in my room. My headache started to subside but I was swollen and pumped full of meds. Imitrex, anti seizure meds, anti inflammatory steroids. The MRI was only of my brain but I insisted they do my neck too since my neck had been bothering me ever since I wore the ring sling.

They said they found nothing. “Nothing”… except a micro pituitary adenoma. A “small” BRAIN TUMOR on my PITUITARY gland. The gland that controls many hormonal functions, including your weight. I’m not a doctor, but the google query “What hormone is largely responsible for breast development?” renders this result:

“At puberty, gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) begins to be secreted, in a pulsatile manner, from the hypothalamus. GnRH, in turn, induces the secretion of the gonadotropins, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH), from the pituitary gland.”

Also, the neurologist at the hospital insisted mine could not possibly cause headaches, except every other source I found said that it actually can.

I got this revelation that I have struggled to lose weight my entire life even while eating healthy, and have underdeveloped breasts that cannot exclusively breastfeed, largely due to a small brain tumor I have probably had most of my life. So now, after all this trauma, I felt like I started to gain a true 360 understanding of my body. I realized I NEEDED to go on an anti inflammatory diet. I also began chiropractic work again immediately upon my hospital release. Literally, I went to a new chiro the day after I was released. Turns out my neck is still jacked up from 4 years ago – curved the wrong way. The places I was the most messed up were the places in the neck  that could cause the most headaches.

I started eating keto again, though I had some failures at first. I began to be strict and consistent. I started using CBD oil for pain as well. The weight has finally begun to come off and I can fit into clothes I haven’t been able to fit into for 3 years. But, the weight is definitely coming off slower than the first time, which tells me that my hormones are still messed up – either from the tumor, all the breastfeeding herbs, the domperidone, or all 3. So, here I am. Strict keto 3 months in. Dairy intake very much reduced.

I started taking exogenous ketones occasionally recently and I felt fantastic. My energy was drastically increased without giving me any weird caffeine jitters. Just pure energy. But. I tried a 60 hour keto reboot liquid fast using the ketones a few weeks ago. I started to feel very sick so I ate a few bites of food. I was drinking alkaline electrolyte water with pink salt all day but couldn’t shake the sick feeling. I have never been able to fast without having this happen, but I thought being fat adapted would have helped me. By the end of the first night I was vomiting with diarrhea and a migraine. Everyone I spoke to agreed that this is not normal while attempting to fast and that I should stop. Two friends and my husband both effortlessly completed the reboot. This tells me, again, that something else is still wrong. I don’t know what exactly because bloodwork hasn’t told me anything else. But even though I cannot fast, I feel so great on keto. My sleep is usually awful because Gabe still wakes up all night and I still work 2 jobs. But even so, I still have more energy than I did even as a kid and teenager. I am running on ketones now, not glucose! For the first time in my life, I feel in control and capable of maintaining a healthy weight. I have mostly been able to keep inflammation down in my neck with my eating habits. I have come quite a long way since I first began trying to lose weight. I will be regularly posting about what I eat, what supplements I take, and how I stay keto in the hopes that I can help someone who comes across this blog.

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