My favorite lactation products to increase milk supply from Euphoric Herbals

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Most people who know me know that I have struggled to produce milk for my two kids. I am due with my 3rd child in about 5 weeks, so of course, I’ve begun to consider the feeding situation with this baby.

I told myself I would give breastfeeding a try once again and see how it goes. I learned more in between my last 2 kids about what works and what doesn’t. I tried a lot more things with my 2nd child that worked a lot better. With my first child, I could not produce more than a few drops. With my second, I discovered supplements that worked for me and I could provide half to 3/4 of my baby’s needs.

I’m not big on lactation teas, but I do think capsules work depending on your condition. I am a huge supporter of Euphoric Herbals, a brand with a social mission that gives back to people, AND uses organic, fair trade ingredients. The 2 blends I loved that worked to increase my supply were Dairy Diva and Lush Leche.

Dairy Diva: ingredients are goat’s rue, shatavari, blessed thistle, alfalfa, fennel, and marshmallow root. Goat’s rue is known for helping insufficient glandular tissue and leveling out higher blood sugar, and fennel has been known to help a faster letdown. I discovered while taking this that I could ALMOST pump 3 ounces per pump, and without it, I was making about 2 ounces. I also have suspected insufficient glandular tissue and my A1C was high in some bloodwork at the time of breastfeeding, so I am a fan of capsules with goat’s rue.

Lush Leche: ingredients are somewhat similar to Dairy Diva – moringa, goat’s rue, spirulina, marshmallow root, blessed thistle, fennel, and alfalfa. This is like the superfood blend. Moringa promotes milk flow and is a healthy green, much like spirulina. Moringa has essential minerals that breastfeeding moms really need, and I suspect that this supplement may address some deficiencies that nursing moms have. I took these capsules after my milk almost dried up after a 3 day stomach virus where I could not pump or nurse or keep fluids and food down. It helped my supply recover, which I was shocked by. I have never had anything work that fast.

Mind you, none of this is evaluated by the FDA or proven to do anything and I am not a doctor or lactation consultant. These are just my experiences. I hope you may find this helpful! If you find you want to try them out, use my link: